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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will everything cost get everything shipped to my country?

Depends on the total weight and the shipping company that you will choose.

Do note the shipping methods such as DHL uses Volumetric Weight to calculate the price. Whichever is higher between physical and volumetric weight will be the one charged.

Cost Estimate Calculator

DHL Volumetric Weight Calculator

What can you say about the sizing, quality, how close is it to retails?

Best to ask the community. You guys are the ones who wears them, not us. We do not have feet of all sizes.

Why are the prices so low?

That's because they are really low within China. Everyone is just a re-seller. Local Chinese re-sellers price way more lower for literally the same batch.

Do you sell the pairs yourselves?

NO. We just buy them off sellers on your behalf. We do not sell them.

Do you give discounts for multiple orders?

Also a big NO. We do not sell them ourselves.

Why are you asking a photo of my CC?

Please do not be surprised if we ask you to take pictures of your CC with you along with some valid ID. You will need to cover most of it.

We just want proof that you are a legitimate customer to avoid scams and losses on our business.

This protocol is from DHPay, and the banks. Not from us. We only transact with customers with verified Paypal accounts. (E.g. If you have different addresses between , CC, Shipping Address).

What do I declare on the customs declaration?

Leave it blank if you don't have any special instructions. By default, we declare them as shoes(gift) at 20$. This covers most countries' customs.

I have a question/issue/concern on my order/parcel, how do I let you know?

Add notes! This is key. Our working hours is 9 AM to 6 PM China Time and we'll get through your notes by then. You can also catch LiveChat at this time.